Patriot's Pen Judging Page

Please review the VFW application documents for the rules of the contest. Then download a copy of the Judge's Score Sheet. Listen to each applicant's essay and score it according to the guidance on the score sheet. When you have completed scoring all of the essays, please send a copy of your sheet back to the Youth Activities Committee chairperson.

The Essays

Each submitted essay will be represented by a number in the list below. Click on the link to listen to the file. Be sure to indicate the score of the essay on your score sheet with the number below.

Essay Number       Date Received       Length of Essay       Qualified/Disqualified

PP_01                        2021/MM/DD                 Words                   Qualified/Disqualified

PP_02                       2021/MM/DD                 Words                   Qualified/Disqualified

PP_03                       2021/MM/DD                 Words                   Qualified/Disqualified

PP_04                       2021/MM/DD                 Words                   Qualified/Disqualified

PP_05                       2021/MM/DD                 Words                   Qualified/Disqualified

PP_06                       2021/MM/DD                 Words                   Qualified/Disqualified

PP_07                       2021/MM/DD                 Words                   Qualified/Disqualified

PP_08                       2021/MM/DD                 Words                   Qualified/Disqualified

PP_09                       2021/MM/DD                 Words                   Qualified/Disqualified

PP_10                       2021/MM/DD                 Words                   Qualified/Disqualified