Youth Activities Judging Page

Thank you for volunteering to help Post 10076 Youth Activities Committee. This page provides resources for our judges. Please look at the below steps and files that will be utilized in early November.

The Process

Judges will be contacted when the essays are posted to the website for review. Please go to the essay sections by clicking the respective buttons. This will load the page with the judging sheets and the essays. Download a judging sheet for each essay type (one essay judge sheet for Voice of Democracy and another for Patriot's Pen). Read or listen to each of the essays. Fill in the respective sheets with your score per essay. Sign the score sheet and submit them to the Committee Chairperson (


It is preferred that they be emailed, but a paper copy can be submitted by dropping it off at the Post. After all judge sheets are received and tallied, an in-person meeting will be scheduled for the week of November 8 -12 to discuss the results and to make final decisions on the order of awards. Please note that even if you are not able to make the in person meeting, your judging sheet will be used for ranking the essays.